Our conscious choices for your eco-sustainable vacation

For us, nature is part of the family

Waking up in Montelauro means throwing open the shutters to witness the awakening of nature. The donkey brays, the sun peeks through the branches of the orchard, and the dew gives way to the first warmth, all while the first cups of coffee clink in the kitchens. We are immersed in nature: we can’t help but feel it as part of our family.

At Masseria Montelauro, we strive to be consistent in our choices according to our sense of eco-sustainability. Here’s how we’ve been committed to the planet for years.

– The energy we use comes from renewable sources (solar panels) and green energy (recovered wood). We’re committed to fighting water waste through a sub-irrigation system in our garden, and we ask for your cooperation in changing sheets and linens (usually every three days). By doing so, we are not only saving water  but also reducing the use of detergents and energy. 

– The laundry bag is eco-friendly: we got rid of the old plastic ones and replaced them with ecological bags made of recycled paper.

– The room furnishings  are mostly made from recovered materials or natural materials and untreated wood: this means they are not only recycled but also recyclable. We have given new life and purpose to forgotten local objects, still strongly linked to the traditions of this land.

– In the minibar, you’ll find glass bottles – a first step in the direction we want to go: being a 100% plastic-free ecoMasseria. For this reason, besides a strong commitment to waste reduction and recycling, we’ve minimized the use of plastic in rooms, in common areas, and in our everyday activities.

– The food you’ll enjoy at breakfast and dinner is always fresh, natural, seasonal, and locally sourced. It mostly comes from our organic vegetable garden and orchard – where no chemicals are used, except for the natural fertilizer of our horses. When we need ingredients we don’t produce on the Masseria, we always look to source them from local producers to support the economy of Salento and bring wellness to the table through the best of our food culture.

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