Montelauro’s Restaurant

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Come sit at our table

Our cuisine is fresh and contemporary, yet deeply rooted in the Salento tradition, where sustainability becomes excellence without waste. It’s a taste experience that arises from rediscovering Apulian roots and ancient gestures reinterpreted with an international touch.

Our menu is always new, focusing on high-quality and seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers or grown in the adjacent vegetable garden and orchard of Masseria Montelauro. It is an identity-based cuisine that will allow you to discover the flavours of our land.

The Fimmine restaurant is open to guests of the Masseria and those who are not staying with us but want to have an unforgettable evening.

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Al fresco,
under the stars

Immerse yourself in the Salento atmosphere as you enjoy our dishes on the charming patio or in the indoor dining rooms with lime walls and stone vaults.

We are also here to help make your special occasions unforgettable. We host events, ceremonies, and birthdays.

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